About Us

For more than 15 years, Tampa Bay Area and Central Florida have witnessed the great knowledge, expertise and successful results in constructions performed by Tampa Bay Marine. A powerful leader in both Marine and General Construction Fields. We believe in developing an environmentally responsible company with high quality control standards, a team of experts with strong problem-solving skills and an exceptional customer service that build strong relationships that exceeds expectations.

Over the years, our clients have trusted our company with large-scale projects such as Multi-Million Dollar Marinas, Commercial Seawalls, Bridge Repairs and Wetland Restoration in our Marine Construction Division. Also, in our General Construction Division we have successfully developed Power Plants, Cell and Aeronautical Communications Towers, Alternative Energy Systems, Railroad Trestle Pilings, among others. Our team is not afraid to take on the most challenging jobs, they are ready to move forward and deliver the best the industry has yet to be seen.

We strive for excellence, and we are committed to continue completing each project with high quality standards, specialized experience, strong personal skills, remarkable customer service and technology and equipment that keeps on setting us apart.